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November 6th
11:38 PM

A note on California Prop 30:


Proposition 30 was Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax plan that would avoid steep cuts to public education, including cuts to the public University of California system. 

Okay, cool. 

Thing is, the UC Regents have been threatening us students with a 20% fee hike if Prop 30 doesn’t pass.

That is fucking coercion. “Vote this way, or we make you pay even more money to go to a public university.” Keep in mind, tution has more than doubled in the past 6 years and  has gone up $2,000/year just in the 2 years I have been a student. 

I am angry that no one is talking about this. The UC Regents are essentially going to make sure they get the money no matter what. This is not democracy. This is not public education. This is students at a public university being threatened with the privatization of their education if they don’t vote the way a bunch of (mostly) old white dudes tell us to. 

Remember that guy who threatened to fire his employees if Obama was re-elected? And how everyone was all “Voter suppression!” and “Voter coercion!” about it. This really isn’t any different.

Fuck the regents. Fuck Brown. Fuck this entire system. Education is a right—not a privilege, not a means of extorting money out of students and/or taxpayers. 

Public education for an educated public.

March 13th
12:28 PM

UCB Chancellor Birgeneau resigns

If you are so inclined, put on your bullshit-detecting helmets and head over to the link. :D

One sentence I have some contention with: “We also have continuously invested in improving the undergraduate academic experience by updating classroom facilities with technology and adding Reading and Composition classes, gateway courses in the physical sciences, and foreign language courses.”

It would seem basic chair-and-table technology is BEYOND the scope of this, seeing as most classrooms I’m in don’t have enough chairs for the number of students enrolled in the class and most of the lab tables in leconte are seriously wobbly. But hey, man, THERE ARE TELEVISIONS IN GBC! AND THEY SHOW THE MENU! WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT THE OLD MENUS DID! ONLY NOW THEY’RE SHINY AND EXPENSIVE! </rant>

So yeah. You know Occupy will totally be taking at least some credit for this, even though the protests aren’t explicitly mentioned in the campus-wide email. 

Also, I want to state for the record, I don’t think Birgeneau is a bad guy (despite my bull-shit detecting comment). 

Anyways. Relevant. 

January 6th
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January 1st
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Struggling to Keep the Promise of Berkeley

Not Occupy per se, but definitely worth the read. 



written by Nancy Scheper-Hughes, anthropology professor

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